Tineke Loogman has been busy as Captain selecting  players for team Europe Iain Millar from England and Liliane Cambré from Belgium being the latest to join a strong European team. There was a lot of applications for 2024 in Cherry Creek with Captain Tineke along with her vice-captains have following the strict player selection criteria in their selections.

Iain Millar from England


In 2013 Iain was playing competitive rugby and working a high paced job as an executive chef until his world came crashing down around him on the rugby pitch, in one foul swoop in one final tackle he sustained life changing debilitating injuries.

That tackle led to multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries, severe spinal, neck and shoulder injuries. After 5 years of rehab with neuropsychic, speech therapists and physio’s he got on to the golf course to compete in the DGA.

After winning the 2022 Golf Carts Europe Championship moved his sights to the EDGA European Tour.

Iain suffers with a defused Axonal Brain Injury, Holmes Aides Syndrome, a global left hand side weakness and limited strength and sensation along with severe nerve damage.

Iain has fought to overcome his disabilities to compete on the course with many top 10 finishes in 2023 on the European EDGA Tour and now focuses on the European Cairns Cup team.

Liliane Cambré from Belgium


Liliane is 62 and lives in Belgium. She’s played golf since 2009 at Golfclub Witbos, a former English army base now open to public. A very passionate golf player whose golf handicap is 23.8, Liliane works hard on her game so that she can improve. A member of the National team of Belgium in the Stableford category resulting last year winning the Nations Cup.

In 2017 while on holiday in Iceland she was hit by a truck after the driver had a stroke, he ran over her legs. The surgeons in Iceland did great work reattaching the foot and using an inside prothesis restructured the shattered foot and ankle.

Liliane said “I am grateful for saving the legs, but this has left permanent damage as muscles and nerves are cut. I lost 1 toe and cannot walk the proper way; the foot is blocked, and I need lymphatic drainage 2 twice a day.” She continued “My first question when I woke up and touching my legs was can, I still play golf?” this reflects just how much she loves golf.

“I’m honoured to be asked to join the team for the Cairns Cup, very excited to be part of such a great golf event. During the Solheim and Ryder Cups you’d find me watching all the games cheering on Europe. I will do my very best to make the 2024 Cairns Cup a success. Hope and know we can deliver.” Said Liliane