Don’t take our word for it, in their words!

Here’s what the players said about our premier disability golf event…

Jonathan Snyder – North Carolina
Jonathan Snyder US Vice Captain for 20024 Cairns Cup

The inaugural Cairns Cup was a historic event, A true display of overcoming challenges through golf while representing our respective nations. The camaraderie displayed by both opponents was absolutely phenomenal. All players rose to the occasion & made their countries proud! We are blessed to continue this event every 2 years for decades to come.

Nick Dodge – England

I’ve played a lot of sport in my time especially golf, though mostly as an able bodied man. I did think that becoming a bilateral below knee amputee would be the end of my particaption in golf but I was wrong. Representing Europe in The Cairns Cup was the very pinnacle of all my sporting life. Thanks for asking me to play, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

John Bell – Florida

4 years of planning The Cairns Cup turned into a great success. We had a great display of two teams of mixed disabilities and skill levels coming together enjoying new friendships and having an absolute fantastic adaptive golf festival along with match play golf. It makes my heart happy when we all come together and share smiles at such a great event.

Leon Emmen – Netherlands

To me, the Cairns Cup was an amazing experience. The whole week was fantastic, a highlight being the disability festival where we got to coach disabled kids in golf. Playing the Americans, the camaraderie on and off the course was something I’ll always remember. I hope to participate in future editions!

Kim Moore – Indiana

The comradery and competitiveness we had in 2020 is such a testament towards the abilities of all the participants on both teams. This world class event is such an honor to be a part of and I can’t wait to be the captain of the US Team in 2024!!! The future of the Cairns Cup is going to rival that of the Ryder Cup!!!

Trevor Crombie – Scotland

Extremely proud, sense of achievement to be selected for this prestigious event, showcasing that having a disability is not an inability in golf, great friendships made, camaraderie between all players and nationalities, exciting event giving me determination to be at my best and continue to do so with the drive to improve.

Frank Sorber – Germany

For me, the Cairns Cup was a very emotional and at the same time exciting experience. It’s fantastic to see how players from different countries and continents did their best to support their team in this tournament. I’m proud to have been part of the European team.

Frans Harmsen – Netherlands
Frans-Harmsen From Netherlands represents Team Europe

For me, The Cairns Cup is the most prestigious golf competition out there, I’m a real team player and it’s great to play against USA on behalf of the European Team. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more during the amazing week in London. I would love to be part of this event again in the future.

Kevin Booth – England
The people behind the Cairns Cup

To captain team Europe was a great honour, the result did not go our way. However the score did not reflect the exceptional golf played by both teams over 3 days, if this inaugural event is anything to go by The Cairns Cup has a great future.
Well done to all involved.