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Jonathan Snyder Vice Captain for 2nd time..

Jonathan Snyder selected for back to back Cairns Cup Jonathan Snyder was born in Charlotte, North Carolina with an undeveloped left hand.  When he was 22 years old, he started playing the game of golf regularly and soon became his passion providing such a positive therapy for Jonathan, that he has made a career in…
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Patrick Rosenast from Switzerland joins team Europe

Latest member of team Europe Patrick Rosenast Patrick Rosenast from Boppelsen a municipality in the district of Dielsdorf in the canton of Zürich Switzerland, he’s married with three children and a one-armed para golfer since 2021 after a “routine” operation in the brain (AV fistulas) which led to a brain haemorrhage and left-sided paralysis in October 2020. As an…
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Mette and Kjelle Scandanavian Players Cairns Cup 2024

Players from Scandinavia join team Europe

European Captain Tineke Loogman selects players from Scandinavia Mette Lynggaard from Denmark Mette who is 39 comes from the largest and most populated island in Denmark, Zealand. She considers herself to be a team player not only an excellent golfer, but she also excelles in swimming proving that she has a competitive nature when it…
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Kellie Valentine US Cairns Cup Vice-Captain 2024

Kellie Valentine becomes Team USA Vice-Captain

What Kellie has to say about becoming Vice-Captain chosen by Kim Moore US Captain. “It is with immense gratitude and excitement that I accept the position of Vice-captain for the 2024 Cairns Cup. It is truly an honour to have been chosen for this prestigious role, and I am thrilled to be a part of…
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