Mette Lynggaard from Denmark


Mette who is 39 comes from the largest and most populated island in Denmark, Zealand. She considers herself to be a team player not only an excellent golfer, but she also excelles in swimming proving that she has a competitive nature when it comes to sport either individually or within a team.

Mette is diagnosed as having cerebral palsy of her left side. The effects are particularly noted in the left side of her body, the leg and arm particularly where she has little strength. However, her positive attitude and commitment to sport has resulted in a 2.0 handicap.

She first started playing golf at 13 but after quitting for 12 years a boyfriend convinced her to start playing again “It was like riding a bike” she says when starting again. This is when with other Danish disabled golfers, they got together and started competing as the Danish Team encouraging each other both on and off the course.

Mette spends several hours a week coaching swimming to disabled individuals, she admits that she could not coach golf but would help with Juniors.

Golf record

European Champion 2016

Kjelle Gaude from Sweden


After suffering with Arthritis in the knee/leg since 1999, resulting in having no feeling in the right leg, he has had approx. 34 operations of which 23 where on the right leg.

He explained “When asked to be part of the Europe team, it lit a fire in me, I will now do everything next year, to help take a win for Europe! This will mean that I will start training hard both my body and my golf, it will be so much fun!” he continued “I also want to say that I feel so honoured and warm in my heart to have been given this chance by my wonderful and long-time friend Tineke, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!”

“I have a motto that is never to give up but to fight even harder! I am a team player and looking forward to meeting my teammates! Together we are strong” said Kjelle

He did some coaching for many years but now works at his local club as a green keeper. He has played in 4 European Championships and 1 World Cup for Sweden and many other EDGA competitions in Europe.

Kevin Booth, Vice – President says “Bringing in players from all over Europe can only enhance the competition, we are so proud that Tineke has increased the number of European Countries involved”