tracy ramin



Leg Amputee



Tracy comes from Montrose and plays golf at Briar Ridge. Golf Course. He’s is Executive Director of The National Amputee Golf Association, Board member of The Michigan Amputee Golf Association, Director of completion and Co-founder of USAGA Para long drive Rock City Rumble 2019. He’s Won GSGA 2019 WR4GD event in Atlanta, the Missouri Amputee Championship 2018, the. Midwest. Amputee and disabled championship in 2018, the Michigan Amputee Golf Association 2010, 2012, 2015 & 2018, many Top 10 Finishes at the National amputee and disabled golf association National Championship. Club Champion at Briar Ridge Club C’s.

He helps teach many individuals bring them to our game of golf. Working with the Shriners kids at The Shriners PGA event in Las Vegas. He’s a self-employed Golf Professional and loves travelling.

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