Chris Foster



Through hip leg amputee



Chris is from Hertfordshire England.

Even though taking up the game of golf at age of 18, the sport has come naturally for Chris achieving a handicap of 2 whilst playing off only one leg and eventually turning professional and completing his PGA foundation degree.

Losing his leg at the age of 9 never stopped Chris, just moments after hearing the news that he would have his leg amputated he said he wanted to swim at the Paralympics. This is a quality that Chris has never lost and still has that drive today in his golf game.

After years of playing different sports and representing his country and Great Britain in 3 of them, he turned his hand to golf, a game that is hard enough on two legs let alone one and instantly fell in love with the sport. Having played for several years he now has built a impressive resume of competitions played and achievements.

In 8 years Chris has already played in 4 British Disabled Open, played on the Trilby Tour (a very competitive amateur tournament) won disability tournaments in Europe as well as being invited to play in numerous Pro-Ams on the European, senior and ladies tours. With these competitions has come a mass of media attention from across the globe, his picture being used on websites and newspapers around the world. In the past 2 years the media attention has increased due to Chris’ completion of the PGA foundation degree programme, becoming the first disabled golfer to achieve this. This has in turn inspired other disabled golfers to now strive to do the same.

Chris has spent his PGA training focusing on gaining knowledge and experience which will help him grow the game of golf for those with or without a disability. Now that his training has finished he wants to take the skills he has learnt and apply it to his own game, Chris wants to compete on able bodied tours and try to become the first amputee to play in a main tour event whilst still trying to raise awareness of disabled golf. He will also be competing in European Disabled Golf Association events against the best disabled golfers in the world, whilst still hoping to compete in a Paralympic games once Para golf is accepted.

Chris makes every effort to play to the highest calibre and set a golden example to other players wishing to take up the game of golf.

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