Latest member of team Europe Patrick Rosenast

Patrick Rosenast Cairns Cup Player from Switzerland

Patrick Rosenast from Boppelsen a municipality in the district of Dielsdorf in the canton of Zürich Switzerland, he’s married with three children and a one-armed para golfer since 2021 after a “routine” operation in the brain (AV fistulas) which led to a brain haemorrhage and left-sided paralysis in October 2020.

As an athlete, he became very interested early on with rehabilitation and what things might look like sport-wise after his re-integration back into normal life. 

It quickly became apparent that he would no longer be able to do most sports due to the permanent damage caused by his paralysis, but fortunately – he had already played golf previously and with the help of his wife he started to play golf again.

“Golf means a lot to me today and was of enormous importance for my recovery process, my health and especially the psyche. Golf is a decisive factor that today here I am again standing with both feet, albeit a bit wobbly, however, I can continue to live and enjoy life to the fullest” commented Patrick



  • 3rdplace 2021 German International Men and Ladies Disabled Championship – Stableford


  • 1stplace G4D Swiss Championship – Stableford
  • Foundation of the Swiss Para Golf Association


  • 2ndplace EDGA St. Andrews Links Open – Stableford
  • 1stplace EDGA President Cup – Strokeplay Net

Patrick went on to say “To be able to represent Europe at the Cairns Cup 2024 in Detroit, Michigan as a player is something I would never have expected! Therefore, my nomination is the greatest honour I have received so far and fills me with pride – I’m smiling from the inside!”