New Sponsor Purpose media – in Awe of the Cairns Cup.

Matt, from Purpose Media tells Ian Halliwell why he decided to sponsor the first ever Cairns Cup at Celtic Manor in September 2020 Well Matt thanks for coming down for this promotional weekend and thanks for being involved with the cairns cup.  Why did you get involved with us? I’ll be honest with you, Ive been watching you boys in the British Par 3 for a few years now with Roger and Kev and I am in awe of what you guys do. “I have had similar injuries to some of the players, where I have broken my neck and leg, so I can relate to these guys more. I got lucky at the time and when I watch these guys play, it amazes me what they can do. So I had to get involved.” Well we really appreciate it Matt, and we look forward to beating you again in the Pro Am. Thank you very much.! Please take the time to click the image below and review our sponsors services, it is their kindness and foresight that facilitates the Cairns Cup.