Morrello Sponsor 1st Hole at Cairns Cup

Jakko, from Morrello clinic tells Ian Halliwell why he decided to sponsor the first ever Cairns Cup at Celtic Manor in September 2020

How come you got involved?

Its a funny story really, one of your team members, Mike Jones is our patient. He was saying that he needed sponsorship for this idea of bringing the Carin’s Cup to Wales, here to Celtic Manor on the 2010 course.

“In Life I have always been passionate about getting the best out of people, I do this for my patients and for anyone else that I can see has a passion that they want to achieve.”What are you looking forward to in September 2020?

We are looking for a great competition in September, looking forward to a European win! We will all be cheering for that!

My involvement with the Cairns cup comes form my profession as a Physiotherapist. I specialise in Spinal injury, Brain injury and Amputees, I run a clinic just a stones throw away from the Ryder Cup 2010 Venue.

At Morrello, we have been passionate about getting the best from our people and patients and are looking afraid to seeing the best from our European Team at the Cairns Cup.

I appreciate what you have done for Mike, but, more so without your support this event would not take place. Thank you very much!