Kevin Holland is selected for Team USA for the second consecutive Cairns Cup.

Team USA Player Kevin Holland

Golf has always been Kevin game. “I’ve always loved the game of the golf, I would go out and chip in the backyard growing up.” he says.

He works to improve every day, but as his mother Cindy explains — Kevin’s golf game requires even more work than most. He was born with cerebral palsy.

“When he was born, he has no brain tissue on the left side. The doctors said he wasn’t going to walk, talk, sit, stand, do anything,” says Cindy so to achieve what he has is quite remarkable.

“People have doubted me all my life. And I kind of said to them ‘Sorry. I don’t care what you guys say. But I’m going to keep going at it’”, says Kevin.

He admits he knows he must work harder than other golfers to get to where he wants to be, but that has never deterred him.

Kevin went on to say, “This has been a dream of mine to represent the USA especially in the Cairns Cup, the event in 2022 London was amazing however, to be re-selected again for Cherry Creek in my home state is a great honour and I will do my best to help the USA retain the trophy”.

Kevin’s record in the 2022 Cairns Cup held at The Shire London was 2 wins out of 2, he won 2 &1 in the Foursomes and 6 & 4 in the Fourballs, he didn’t play in the singles however, he has an impressive 100% record in the games he played.

It will be a different proposition at Cherry Creek in Shelby Township come July 2024 when Europe will be looking to reverse the result.

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