What it means to me to be chosen for the Team.

José Bagernelli from Italy – Cairns Cup 2024

It is an incredible honour for me to be part of Team Europe at the 2024 Cairns Cup, and I’m grateful to Captain Tineke to have picked me and give me the chance to live this experience. Furthermore, I feel this is an accomplishment, just to think 10 years ago disable golf had no meaning in my life.

Life surprises us in unexpected ways but in the end, it is just a matter of curious attitude and desire to explore new things regardless of any disability.

I just can’t wait to be part of such an amazing event along with all my teammates and opponents, hoping to play the best possible golf in just a few months in Detroit.

How I came to play Golf?

Golf bumped into me just a few years ago, well after the motorcycle accident that caused the paralysis of my right arm.

This was when I stopped casually in a golf hotel to spend the night during a vacation on the road in Southern France.  I wanted to drink a beer and I went to the clubhouse nearby the Hotel where an older English man, probably in his eighties, was sitting at a table next to mine.

I wasn’t sure that telling him I didn’t know anything about golf was a good way to break the ice, but it was indeed as the old man bewitched me in just a few minutes revealing the essence of golf:

The only sport where a rookie can beat the world champion by just playing at his best! with or without disability, I thought to myself. I was excited, and two days later I was taking my first golf lesson.

My Personal Life

I was born in Milan in 1959, I have dual nationality Italian French as my mom is French and dad was Italian, although lately I decided to play for the Italian National Team.

I made my first steps in radio broadcasting as a teenager: at 16 I was already on-air as a DJ in one of the first independent radios in Italy. At the beginning of the eighties, I started co-producing, writing, and directing several music and lifestyle TV shows in Los Angeles and New York for “Popcorn”, a popular weekly Music show aired on Canale 5 in Italy.

Once back in Europe I began working as a producer in various film production companies and advertising agencies in France and Italy. In 1999 I founded “Eccetera Produzioni Audio Milano“, now the most awarded audio production company in Italy, where I am owner and Creative Director.

In 2011 I wrote, produced, and directed: “Cartoline Da Milano” a short film made of sounds only, played in various theatre’s and inducted into the “Cineteca Nazionale”, Italy’s national film library. I hold seminars and workshops on radio, podcast, and audio communication at universities in Milan, Bologna, and Rome.

I have a wonderful wife, Sabina, who works with me; two talented children, Bianca who is a graphic novel artist and illustrator and Bruno who is a guitar Luthier, and a funny little mixed-breed dog called Pinella.

Let’s Go Europe!