Charles Brugh, aka “Brew” a survivor of a near-fatal automobile accident that left him with severe “permanent” brain damage competed in the 2009 Florida Open Golf Tournament for Golfers with Disabilities and/or Mobility Challenges, he very much inspired everyone he met, including Ian Halliwell now CEO of the Cairns Cup.

With a Traumatic Brain Injury, he has been forced to rebuild his entire persona – mind, body, and soul. Golf has long been known for its ability to heal, the mind, body, and spirit.

This is shown in abundance especially at all the disability events organised throughout the US, each event brings people together forming friendships as well as helping peoples rehabilitation.


Brew benefited from these competitions, this is where he met players playing in the Florida Open and Phoenix Cup in 2018 an event where Billy Cairns sadly passed away.

When the Cairns Cup was formed, he was so impressed with the camaraderie shown between players from USA and Europe that now it’s being held in the US for the first time he has kindly donated $1500.

Kevin Booth Vice-President who formed a friendship with Brew in 2018 said “This is a magnificent gesture from a really nice guy and support like this will help make the event really special for both teams at Cherry Creek Thank You Charles”

Brew said “I just want to help and make a difference, I didn’t know Billy, but I know his friends and how his loss brought everyone together”