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The following players have been selected to represent the 2024 team Europe at the Cairns Cup
Cherry Creek Golf Club
, Shelby Township, Michigan.

27th July – 3rd August 

Tineke Loogman – Captain

Netherlands – Arm Impairment

Kris Aves – Vice Captain

England – Seated Player

Frans Harmsen – Vice Captain

Netherlands – Orthopaedic

Charlie Appleyard

England – Parkinson’s

José Bagnarelli

Italy – Arm Impairment

Liliane Cambré

Belgium – Nerve / Muscle damage in Lower leg

Trevor Crombie

Scotland – Cerebral Palsy

Chris Foster

England – Through Hip Amputee

James Gallagher

England –Cerebral Palsy

Kjelle Gaude

Sweden – Lower Limbs

Mette Lynggaard

Denmark – Cerebral Palsy

Iain Millar

England – Brain Injury/Sight/Shoulder Injury

Rutger Pranger

Netherlands – Lower Limbs

Patrick Rosenast

Switzerland – Left Side Paralysis

Frank Sorber

Germany – Leg Amputee

Jennifer Sräga

Germany – Short in Stature