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The following players have been selected to represent the 2024 team Europe at the Cairns Cup
Cherry Creek Golf Club
, Shelby Township, Michigan.

27th July – 3rd August 

Tineke Loogman – Captain

Netherlands – Arm Impairment

I was born with only one arm. However having tried golf with together with my older sister in our teens, it was aged 40 years of age, I found the game again and was hooked. With my husband Ger we own a 9-hole championship golf course, Golf Amsteldijk in Amstelveen, complete with a 20-hectare training facility and a 9-hole par-3 course. I do not admit defeat and believe in the importance of not making excuses. I’ve always been a fighter. I’m competitive, and I think that because of my disability, I always wanted to prove that I could do things. And golf, of course, is essentially a fight with yourself. I play in EDGA events and run the Handi Golf group here in The Netherlands.

Kris Aves – Vice Captain

England – Seated Player

I began playing with friends and work colleagues since my mid 20s. Sadly, I was injured during the 2017 Westminster bridge terrorist attack and was left paralysed and in a wheelchair. Thanks to the golf trust I was introduced to disability golf and now play regularly using a Paragolfer. To be asked to represent Europe as Vice-Captain for 2 consecutive events is a great honour and just shows what can be achieved with hard work and determination especially if you have a great support network, whom I can’t thank people enough.

Frans Harmsen – Vice Captain

Netherlands – Orthopaedic

I encountered golf when I was in the rehabilitation Centre for 7 months in 1997. I was operated on 14 times after repeated internal fractures and medical errors. I use a wheelchair daily and use a buggy when playing golf. After 7 years of not being able to exercise, I caught the golf bug. I am a member of Golf Amsteldijk where I really like to train with team Handigolf.  We play twice a week on different courses in the Netherlands. I also help disabled people to play golf on a lot of different courses. I have been playing matches in Europe with EDGA Tour for 20 years. My highlight in golf was being invited to The Cairns Cup in London in 2022, and extremely proud to have been chosen again to represent team Europe in Michigan in 2024.

Charlie Appleyard

England – Parkinson’s

I have played golf since age 11, and once diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I thought my golfing days were all over. However, golf is an amazing tonic to the condition, and my handicap has actually gone down since diagnosis. I am extremely competitive and love playing match play golf, so to be representing The Cairns Cup Team Europe is a dream come true.

José Bagnarelli

Italy – Arm Impairment

Following a motorcycle accident that caused the paralysis of my right arm, I found golf while on vacation in Southern France.  I was excited, and two days later I was taking my first golf lesson. What I love about golf is its the only sport where a novice can beat the world champion by just playing at his best using the Handicap system, with or without disability. 10 years on and disabled golf has given me so meaning to life. It is an incredible honour for me to be part of Team Europe at the 2024 Cairns Cup, and I’m grateful to Captain Tineke to have picked me and give me the chance to live this experience.

Liliane Cambré

Belgium – Nerve / Muscle damage in Lower leg

In 2017 while on holiday in Iceland I was hit by a truck after the driver had a stroke, he ran over her legs. The surgeons in Iceland did great work reattaching the foot and using an inside prothesis restructured the shattered foot and ankle. However, I am grateful to them saving the legs, but this has left permanent damage as muscles and nerves are cut. I lost a toe and cannot walk the proper way and now require lymphatic drainage twice a day. However, my first concern was would I be able to play golf again? And I could! I have represented the Belgium team in the Stableford category resulting last year winning the Nations Cup. I’m honoured to be asked to play in The Cairns Cup representing Europe.

Trevor Crombie

Scotland – Cerebral Palsy

I started playing golf in my teens and progressed to playing competitive golf in 2013. Since then, I have won many competitions and represented Scotland at several international events. I won the Scottish order of merit twice and remain the only player to do so in back-to-back years. This led to me representing Europe in The Cairns Cup. Currently away from competitive golf I am trying to encourage anyone with a disability to try golf as my own experiences shows what can be achieved with the right attitude and commitment.

Chris Foster

England – Through Hip Amputee

I was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of five and went through chemotherapy before the cancer came back – they decided to amputate my left leg at the age of nine. I swam for the Great Britian team but when I was forced to give that up due to injury, my dad and my brother (who were golfers) played took me to the driving range. It was then I found I had a talent for the game, I decided to PGA coaching badge, while getting my handicap down to four. I am now a PGA professional golfer working at Hanbury Manor in the UK. Playing in The Cairns Cup in 2022 was a great honour and can’t wait for Michigan 2024.

James Gallagher

England –Cerebral Palsy

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and played golf since I was 12 years old, starting with my dad and soon was hooked. I started playing disability golf in 2012 with British Inclusive Golf however, I tend to play more club golf at my home club Meltham in Huddersfield. I was asked to help at the inaugural Cairns Cup in London as a volunteer which resulted in my selection for 2024 in Michigan. I am so proud of my selection, and I hope to do my best for the team.

Kjelle Gaude

Sweden – Lower Limbs

After suffering with Arthritis in the knee/leg since 1999, resulting in having no feeling in the right leg, I had more than 30 operations of which 23 were on the right leg. When asked to be part of the Europe team, it lit a fire in me. I will now do everything possible to help win the trophy for Europe. As such, I am working hard on my body and my golf in preparation for the event. My motto is ‘never to give up’. I am a team player and looking forward to meeting my teammates! Together we are strong. I was a coach for many years but now work at my local club as a green keeper. I have played in four European Championships and played in World Cup for Sweden.

Mette Lynggaard

Denmark – Cerebral Palsy

I started playing golf at 13 but didn’t take it too seriously. It wasn’t until a boyfriend encouraged me to start playing again that I really got hooked on the game. In 2012 with other Danish Disabled Golfers, we started the national team. I am now Paragolfer player representing Danish National Team. We have won European Cup in 2016 and World cup in 2014. I now play in European competitions individually but consider myself a team player. I am very competitive, so I am determiend to help Europe win in Michigan!

Iain Millar

England – Brain Injury/Sight/Shoulder Injury

In 2013 I suffered multiple TBI’s and Spinal injuries playing rugby, I had multiple concussions throughout the years compounded from large impacts on the brain. After 5 years Rehab, I joined the DGA in 2018 and, like a lot of disabled golfers the journey has had its stop start moments. Golf has given me a new lease of life these past 2 years after I slumped into a very heavy depression. Golf and playing among a group of people that understand has really given me back that urge to compete again, I have gained so many new friends among the golfing community and it has helped me and my mental health thrive.

Rutger Pranger

Netherlands – Lower Limbs

Following years of surgery, and my subsequent amputation and rehabilitation, I had my first golf lesson at a driving range in 2015. It didn’t take long before I was addicted to the game of golf. My golf pro told me about one of his students who participated in the Dutch Championship for disabled people. The competitive element in matches appeals to me very much and nowadays I play matches in my home country and abroad. Being chosen to play in The Cairns Cup is really a dream come true. I never could have thought that I, after my accident at 60 years of age I would receive an invitation for such a fantastic and prestigious event. I hope to be inspiration and example for other people. Many thanks to Tineke for picking me. I will do everything in my power to be a good team player and hope to win The Cairns Cup 2024 for Europe.

Patrick Rosenast

Switzerland – Left Side Paralysis

In 2018, after suffering from severe headaches found I had pressure in my arteries and veins after what should have been a routine operation resulted in being paralysed on my left side. It was clear that my choice of sports was now limited and with help I found golf as a therapy in my recovery. Once seen as an elitist sport in Switzerland, 20 years, I was lucky enough to find the game after playing as a teenager and now have a profound love and passion for this sport. I am now part of the Swiss ParaGolf Association playing tournaments throughout Europe with EDGA and I so proud to represent Switzerland as part of team Europe in Michigan. Apart from my supportive family, golf means everything.

Frank Sorber

Germany – Leg Amputee

I started playing disability golf in 2007. However, my first real tournament was in 2011 and I have since played in many tournaments in Germany and at EDGA events throughout Europe. I was luckily enough to play at Rotunda Golf Club in Florida when Billy Cairns sadly died unexpectedly, so was delighted to have been selected for the inaugural event at The Shire London in 2022. Playing again in Michigan is a great honour and one I know will always cherish, whatever the result. Come on Europe!

Jennifer Sräga

Germany – Short in Stature

I’ve started golf age 6 with my parents and my bigger sister. In the beginning it was a little bit hard for me because of my height however, I could hit the ball as far as other kids in my age. I practiced a lot and I started playing in tournaments for people without any impairments. In 2016 I heard about tournaments only for golfers with a disability. At my first Disabled European Individual Championship in 2018, I took second place. Now I’m competing in tournaments where I’m playing with the ladies’ team of my home course and I also compete in EDGA tournaments. Golf is my passion.