2024 Cairns Cup teams now complete

The 2024 Cairns Cup teams have been completed, they are looking balanced so it should make for a great competition come the end of July at Cherry Creek Golf Club.

It’s a ground-breaking year for the Cairns Cup two Women Captains, first time played on US soil in Michigan the home of reigning winning USA Captain Tracy Ramin, present Captain Kim Moore is a professional golf coach at West Michigan University plus 5 local representatives in the team.

This is making people of Michigan known as Michiganders super excited to be hosting The Cairns Cup especially with all the local connections.

Both Captains were given strict selection rules stipulating that both teams must have at least 6 different disabilities and players representing 6 different States / Countries this has been achieved.

The other stipulation was that players at the time of selection should fit into one of these handicap groups:

  • 6 players with a handicap index of 0 – 10.4
    (Only 4 can be under 5.4)
  • 6 players with a handicap index of 10.5 – 18.4
  • 2 Players with a handicap index of 18.5– 24.4
  • 2 Players with a handicap index of 24.5– 36.4

Kim Moore (Captain) – Indiana – Leg Amputee

Kellie Valentine (V-Captain) –Pennsylvania – Arm Amputee

Jonathon Snyder (V-Captain) – North Carolina – Arm Impairment

Evan Mathias – Indiana – Double Leg Amputee

Tracy Ramin – Michigan – Leg Amputee

Jeremy Bittner – Pennsylvania – Leg Amputee

Brian Bemis – Michigan – Leg Amputee

Sophia Howard – Michigan – Arm Impairment

Brandon Williams – Ohio – Leg Amputee

Kevin Holland – Michigan – Cerebral Palsy

Steve Doudt – Indiana – Seated Player

Greg Hooper – Georgia – Partially Sighted

Kelsey Koch – Michigan – Leg Amputee

Chad NeSmith – Kentucky – Partially Sighted

Amy Bockerstette – Indiana – Down Syndrome

Marcus Williams – Georgia – Seated Player


Tineke Loogman (Captain) – Netherlands – Arm Impairment

Kris Aves (V-Captain) – England – Seated Player

Frans Harmsen (V-Captain) – Netherlands – Orthopaedic

Chris Foster – England – Through Hip Amputee

Mette Lynggaard – Denmark – Cerebral Palsy

Kjelle Gaude – Sweden – Lower Limbs

Jennifer Sraga – Germany – Short in Stature

Charlie Appleyard – England – Parkinson’s

Rutger Pranger – Netherlands – Lower Limbs

James Gallagher – England –Cerebral Palsy

Iain Millar – England – Brain Injury/Sight/Shoulder Injury

Trevor Crombie – Scotland – Cerebral Palsy

Jose Bagnarelli – Italy – Arm Impairment

Frank Sorber – Germany – Leg Amputee

Liliane Cambre – Belgium – Nerve / Muscle damage in Lower leg

Patrick Rosenast – Switzerland – Left Side Paralysis


Next for selected players is to keep themselves fit making sure they are properly prepared for a tough week’s golf ahead.

The Cairns Cup management team would like to thank Kim and Tineke for their hard work in getting 32 players together to represent their teams and The Cairns Cup.

CONGRATULATIONS to all selected players and commiserations to those who missed out don’t despair The Cairns Cup is inclusive, and everyone will get another chance to apply in 2026 for Celtic Manor.