Tracy Ramin 2022 US Cairns Cup winning Captain

2022 US winning Cairns Cup Captain Tracy Ramin is re-selected to represent USA again at Cherry Creek Golf Club in 2024. Tracy, from Michigan, was the inaugural Captain of team USA when USA convincingly beat the Europeans at the Shire London.

However, the score did not reflect the great golf played by both sides during the week. It was Tracy’s motivation that got his team to gain those all-important points to win. This just typifies his passion and enthusiasm for the game with his winning positive attitude rubbing off on his team.

When asked about his selection Tracy said “Its an honour to be named for the 2024 Cairns Cup team, being the only winning captain, it’s a big deal for us to play well especially in my home state of Michigan and retain the trophy”

He continued “We have a great new captain in Kim Moore with vice-captains, Kellie Valentine, and Jonathon Snyder. Super excited about their leadership.”

He added “This is an event I’ve helped create. I hope its legacy continues and will showcase what adaptive golfers can do. As one of the leading advocates in World for Adaptive Golf. I welcome our European friends, for a fun week filled with camaraderie and serious competition.”